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GOLF SKIRT WITH SHORT chevron pattern in mentha/pink

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Sale duration: 25/08/2023 -
Model: SK01S21CHM0038
Made of high quality fabric with push-up effect. All-way stretch, breathing fabric with moisture-wicking technology, antibacterial properties are helping you to stay fresh and confortable during your game. This unique material contains ITOFINISH Kelp microcapsules which help to fight against cellulite and have skin improving qualities.
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Colour CHEVRON mentha/pink
Material ITOFINISH KELP – PUSH UP 77% polyester, 23% elastane


Due the ITOFINISH KELP system, which originates from a natural product, containing gingko, sea algae and gotu kola, among other components, this “clothing elixir” is enclosed in microcapsules that are then released into the skin during motion for superior comfort during exercise. Produced in the EU: 260gr performance fabric

Fabric Care

Washing: Machine washable (max 40°C)

Ironing: Maximum ironing temperature 110°C

Drying: Do not tumble dry!

Bleaching: Do not bleach!

Dry Cleaning: Do not dry clean!

Further instructions: Do not use fabric softeners!